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They are two different products and the difference is application vs benefit. The application of the Greens powder is that it tastes great and blends very easily - this is a result of the flavor blend and the fiber blend. The Green Caps are concentrated (4 times) over the Greens concentration, but the taste is very strong and that is why they are in capsule form. One is convenient for blending and mixing, and one is convenient for taking "on the go" or when a blender is not available.
You can take it on an empty stomach or with food. When added to water, it can have an alkalizing effect in the stomach, but more important is what it does in the body. Keep in mind that the stomach has a signaling system that begins with the ingestion of food. If you drink the powder via a liquid on an empty stomach, there is no signal to secrete acid because there is nothing to break down (i.e, food) calling for acid secretion.
Whey protein is not vegetarian, and is not as well digested or absorbed as vegan protein. Whey is highly processed with heat (which denatures protein) and was originally just a disposable byproduct of milk production until companies figured out they could make it into protein for additional profits.
If you are new to the products, you may experience headaches and/or a general feeling of malaise (feeling blah but not sick). This will subside as your body detoxifies over time. Any other response may indicate that you need to slow down or stop taking the products until you normalize.
Yes, there is a synergy between the products which we call Health Made Simple. Each product serves a dietary function: our vegan Shake provides high quality, easily digested protein; Greens provides powerful greens, fiber and “super foods”; Recovery with HydroFX® is the ultimate antioxidant for cell health; and Alkaline Booster assists the body with alkalizing effects- especially good for nighttime!
They are equal in active ingredients, however some individuals who have compromised or weak digestive systems may see better results from the powder, which is why SevenPoint2® introduced the product in powder form. It also makes it easier to turn your water, coffee and tea into a powerhouse alkalizing beverage!Try the HydroFX for water.
7.2 Shake is comprised of easily digested material due to its plant based sources, however bloating and gas are signs that you may have low stomach acid. Introduce the product slowly into your diet and allow your body time to adjust to the new ingredients. Also, try using less Shake (for example 1 scoop rather than 2) and blend with water instead of other liquids such as almond or coconut milk.
From an anti-aging and anti-oxidant perspective Recovery with HydroFX® is a winner. Most people are spending between $10 - $15 dollars a day on snacks and foods that are unhealthy or not as healthy as 7.2 Health Made Simple products. Make the switch and see the difference while spending only $10 dollars a day!
There is no mechanism that would cause a thermogenic effect or sweating in the product. If you sweat, there may be a mild detoxification effect going on outside of the Boosters.
You may have low stomach acid, and any salts without water could have that effect. Try drinking additional water throughout your day, and drink 1-2 half liter bottles of water when you take the product.
Recovery with HydroFX® for Water is extremely well tolerated in the system, and we recommend higher amounts for real health challenges. The product has been shown to be completely safe.
No. The material markers including pH, NORP and Molecular Hydrogen all sustain levels for hours.
Yes, although be careful with carbonated soda as it will fizz and completely make a mess of your countertop! Recovery with HydroFX® for water will improve any drinkable fluid, including tap water.
The FDA ONLY approves Drugs and Medical Devices, but they heavily REGULATE our industry and 7.2. We only use FDA CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratories that are also HALAL and Kosher Certified.
Because we are not considered a drug or a medical device, the FDA has no foundation or grounds for approval of any food or supplement. The confusion arises when the FDA complains to a supplement company. Here is what happens: Supplement companies will get over zealous and make claims regarding their products. The classic situation occurs when a company makes a product for joint health called JOINTEZE. The brochure shows a smiling customer holding a bottle of JOINTEZE and the customer is quoted “One bottle of JOUNTEZE and boom, my Arthritis was cured!” The innocent statement indicates that JOINTEZE cured a disease state called arthritis and that makes JOINTEZE an unapproved drug according to the FDA.
Some people have palattes that are very sensitive to texture, and SevenPoint2 has created a delicious, high quality protein Shake with taste and texture in mind. While there are methods available to further “mesh or pulverize” the product, including a process that involves sonic (sound) energy, these processes involve micro levels of heat and processing that SevenPoint2® will not tolerate in the creation of 7.2 Shake. You demand a pristine product, and so do we!
The quality differences in the “Greens” category is vast and staggering, including heavy metal contamination as well as the basic growing qualities that lead to chlorophyll content and nutrient profiles. None of the aforementioned concerns would be discernable from one label or supplement facts panel to the next. Major USA based suppliers and growers produce the best organic grasses and greens simply do not sell to warehouse stores because they are “too expensive” for the cost structure of these retail giants. Another concern is that the foreign suppliers that produce greens for bulk sale to warehouse stores often irradiate their product due to bacterial constraints of foreign customs. Warehouse stores represent a business model that is great for commodity products, but when it comes to the foods and products you ingest, you as a consumer need to draw the line.
There is very little comparison between the Health Made Simple program and the Paleo Diet, which technically has many acidic aspects, is not vegetarian, promotes dairy and is fundamentally flawed. The Paleolithic Diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed diet of Paleolithic humans. It is based on several controversial premises, the most important of which are: that human genetics have scarcely changed since the dawn of agriculture, which marked the end of the Paleolithic era, around 15,000 years ago; and that modern humans are adapted to the diet or diets of the Paleolithic period; and that it is possible for modern science to discern what such diets consisted of. The Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes what are perceived to be agricultural products; grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. It argues that certain portions should be established for the balance of nutrients to maintain homeostasis.
An alkaline diet is like an insurance policy for you to stay that way! One of the most significant aspects of Recovery with HydroFX® is the anti-aging qualities, and specifically, the fact that it is an unusually dynamic and selective antioxidant. We have all heard of “beauty from within” which is a health concept that looks to cellular health as the root for youthful appearance and longevity, as opposed to external cosmetic approaches that at best mask the signs of oxidative aging. Recovery with HydroFX®, as a component of Health Made Simple, has specific anti-aging bragging rights. Specifically, free radicals are wiped out due to the attraction that molecular hydrogen has to these little cellular problems. Interestingly, the attraction fixes the problem and converts the Hydroxy Radical to H20! Yes a water molecule! The Hydrogen destroys Peroxinitrites and helps produce other anti-aging cellular friendly material such as Catalase, Glutathione, and SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) - ALL GOOD for anti-aging!
A multi-vitamin is typically void of a source of protein, amino acids, plant sterols, chlorophyll and other super nutrients found in Greens. Most multi-vitamins contain synthetic or synthesized materials that are less readily absorbed than foods that contain them naturally. With the exception of vitamin D, most medical doctors are no longer recommending a multivitamin, as they failed to produce any marked health benefits over a long term study. This could be an indictment regarding the synthetic forms of them (mainly mass marketed, well known brands). Health Made Simple is a Whole Food approach to an alkaline diet that has been proven to improve health far in excess of the benefits (if any ) of a multivitamin.
There are no drug/nutrient interactions with respect to 7.2 products, however new drugs are introduced on the market weekly. We recommend that you talk to your qualified health practitioner or pharmacist anytime you have a question regarding your medications.
There are no pregnancy contraindications, as 7.2 products are largely “food” and contain extremely high quality food ingredients. We recommend that you talk to your qualified health practitioner or pharmacist anytime you have a question regarding your supplement and diet profile to make sure you are supporting your pregnancy from a nutrient perspective. Our Alkaline Booster product contains Fennel, Lemon and Marshmallow herbal digestive support which have been used as tea in support of morning sickness. Some physicians balk at any herbal products because they simply do not understand them. We still recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner regarding any supplement protocol.
Many supplement companies shy away from the use of their products during pregnancy due to potential liability, regardless of actual risk. 7.2 products are whole food based and laboratory certified for safety as governed by the FDA. As a pregnant woman, simply share our products with your attending physician and we are confident that you will get the “green light” to continue taking your 7.2 Products. As a nursing mother, additional information is worth sharing: Breast milk is loaded with extremely important nutrients, and it is important to refuel your body with high quality nutrients when you are breastfeeding. All of the 7.2 products support and nourish the body in this process. 7.2 Greens provide critical plant based nutrients; 7.2 Shake contains amino acids; 7.2 Alkaline Booster provides minerals and digestive support; and 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® gives you antioxidant support. The Alkaline Lifestyle is truly a winner for breastfeeding mothers, and the SevenPoint2® Health Made Simple program provides a fantastic nutrient profile that transfers directly to breastmilk and therefore directly to your nursing child.
Alkalinity is quite real, and in fact acidity is very real in the form of a disease state called “acidosis” which diabetics in particular need to monitor and respect in a meticulous manner. Serious health consequences can result from acidosis. There are multiple supportive documents in PubMED and even books written in support of the alkaline diet such as The China Study. There is plenty of proof in support of alkalinity!
That could be a detox reaction experienced when super high quality ingredients enter the body. It seems a bit surprising, but the reality is that the body will quickly get rid of junk (toxic load) once high quality, healthy items are introduced to the body. Recovery with HydroFX® can sometimes produce a detox response temporarily in the form of headaches or malaise.
We use FDA CGMP labs for all of our production to ensure quality and consistency. We do not use radiation, pressure screening, heat drying, bleaching or other processes that would adulterate the quality of our products. We use only non-GMO, vegan and organic ingredients. That’s the secret to our high quality, minimally processed and raw food compliant food ingredients. What is the source of SevenPoint2® ingredients inulin & magnesium stearate? Plant sources are abundant in all ingredients including inulin from Non-GMO bean sources, and vegetable stearates that occur naturally in organic produce such as carrots and celery. How are the Greens and protein processed? Are they freeze dried? The proteins are pure water blended and dried via a tunnel air volume process with ultra dry air (zero humidity). The Greens are similarly processed to maintain the delicate green profile called sterols and sterolins that would be destroyed by heat drying.
All of the above! Actually chewing on them would only produce an oral healing effect such as sucking on one under the tongue after a dental appointment or for a mouth sore. the product releases Hydrogen slower with food, and faster on an empty stomach.