Health Alert: Being Overweight increases premature death

obesity leads to earlier death
According to a recent study published in the biomedical journal, The Lancet, on July 13th, 2016, being overweight or obese increases the risk of premature death from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other health related conditions [1-2]. Researchers examined 239 studies that tracked BMI and mortality rates for 10,625,411 participants across four continents. Those who were overweight or obese were up to three times more likely to die early from disease, compared with those with healthy BMIs, and the risk increased as BMI rose. These findings highlight the risk of all-cause mortality related to being overweight and suggest the importance of preventive measures.

In light of this information it's prudent for healthcare professionals to recommend effective weight loss tools to their patients. That said, patient compliance is not easy. Providing a solution that is simple, convenient, and cost-effective can be challenging. SevenPoint2's Weight Loss Made Simple Program has been specifically designed with these criteria in mind. The program is plant-based, alkalizing, antioxidant, affordable, easy to follow, and it tastes great! Recommend it to your patients today to improve their health and the health of your practice.