Alkaline foods are mostly plant based and balance out harmful acids in your body. They also help your body perform internal functions such as digestion, respiration and excretion more effectively. Adopting an alkaline based diet need not be expensive or stressful.

By combining the alkaline shakes and greens into your diet along with a healthy meal plan, you can get your body back to health in little time. Simply follow our recommended meal plan and incorporate 20 minutes of exercise daily (always ask a doctor first) and your body will thank you. Try to set realistic goals because losing alot of weight in little time is not healthy. You need to focus on creating a healthy lifestyle by incorporating breathing exercises, mindful actions, good eating habits like chewing your food slowly and drinking plenty of liquids with a squeeze of lemon to make it taste fresh, great, and of course, alkaline. 

Check out our chart below for a great meal plan to follow:

The Ultimate alkaline diet meal plan with alkaline success

  • August 24, 2016
  • Gentil Pennewaert