Are your Shakes Healthy?

Healthy shakesWhen you think of a diet shake, what are the big names that come to your mind? Sweet vanilla or chocolate flavored liquid meals, or protein powders that taste like milkshakes. But the problem with these products is they don’t give you the actual vitamins and protein you need to keep it as a sustained lifestyle. When people lose weight on these programs it isn’t really the shakes that do the trick, it’s the change in normal diet and exercise that really does the work, then these shakes with their artificial ingredients.

Craving sweets after dietNot only this but because these shakes are sweet flavored it keeps your body craving sweets, which will only make you go back to sweet things once the diet is over. Many people can't seem to understand that they need to feed their body with nutritious shakes that are organic, vegan, non-gmo, and packed with quality ingredients.

Alkaline Success is different. It’s made to supplement a healthy lifestyle, not be the central part of a diet plan. The 7.2 system is meant to help you lose weight without making the flavors sweet or sugary, so you can kick that sweet tooth and keep the healthy eating habits long after the diet is over.


  • September 11, 2015
  • Gentil Pennewaert